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 Server Features (If you've missed it)

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PostSubject: Server Features (If you've missed it)   Thu Jul 12, 2012 4:28 am


-Perfect combat
-All 24 skills are fully trainable, even farming, construction, etc
-Skilling arena to help you level up
-Ancient and lunar magic
-Ancient curses, so you can use that amazing turmoil
-100% working range and magic
-Great leveling up
-Double XP events
-Real pking and drops, just like Runescape!
-Zombies (NEW)
-Pyramid Plunder
-Domination Tower
-Pest Control
-Duel Arena
-Castle Wars
-Tzhaar Fight Caves
-Tzhaar Fight Pits
-Barbarian Assault
-Warrior's Guild
-Frost Dragons
-Complete GWD, with all 4 gods
-Giant Mole, with real burrowing
-Tormented Demons
-Kalphite Queen
-Daggonoth Kings
-Chaos Elemental
-Corporal Beast
-Dungeoneering -Monsters
-Complete Brimhaven Dungeon
-Complete Taverly Dungeon
-Complete Slayer Tower
-Complete Varrock Sewers
-100+ Other Spawned NPC's to be trained on.
-ALL Chaotic Weapons
-Extreme Potions
-Dicing and Gambling
-Prestige system (Just like COD, you prestige, earn points and exchange them for rares etc)
-Few Customs
-Dragon Claws
-Colored Whips
-Many, many new Runescape items.

There's alot more ofcourse, but that's for you to explore and find out!
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Server Features (If you've missed it)
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