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 System Update 1st August 2012 - Hiscores

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PostSubject: System Update 1st August 2012 - Hiscores   Thu Aug 02, 2012 2:32 am

In today's System Update we added a functional Highscores (Hopefully)

Link to Hiscores: CLICK HERE!

If you find anything weird or would like to suggest anything just post it in the Suggestions section and I will look at it as fast as I can.

Users who cannot find themselves in the Hiscores will have to log out and in.

EDIT: Oh by the way, by the next System Update Administrators+ will be removed from Hiscores and hopefully these skills will be added; Dungeoneering, Summoning and Construction.

EDIT 2: Removed Administrators from the Hiscores. Up next: Add Summoning, Dungeoneering and Construction.

That was it for today's System Update I guess cheers

Mod Gold - Server Owner
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System Update 1st August 2012 - Hiscores
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