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 System Update 2nd August 2012 - FunPK

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PostSubject: System Update 2nd August 2012 - FunPK   Thu Aug 02, 2012 4:03 pm

In today's System Update we added a fully-functional FunPK system to the server. So for those who despise losing their stuff can now PK without losing them cheers

How do I start PKing for fun? Just type ::funpk and you will be teleported to action right away!

I have tested this with my friend and it is right now completely out of bugs. You will NOT lose any items upon dying, nor will you earn any PK points upon killing.

If you find anything weird or would like to suggest something then post it in the "Suggestions" section.

In other news...

Administrators are now excluded from the Hiscores list.

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System Update 2nd August 2012 - FunPK
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