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 Standard Magic+Emerald+Zamorak brew+ D plate/chain glitch

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PostSubject: Standard Magic+Emerald+Zamorak brew+ D plate/chain glitch    Fri Aug 03, 2012 12:49 am

Standard Magic
When casting Standard Damage Spells, they have correct size but they all look as if they were fire spells. ie. Wind strike looks like fire strike. Wind bolt looks like Fire bolt.
ik you're probably aware of this.

Cut Emerald
Really minor bug. for some reason you can't note Cut emeralds.

Zamorak brew
If it is used when you have close to full or full prayer points you will gain prayer points above your level and the numbers will show in red as if your prayer points are about to run out.

D plate/chain
Symbols don't show and a hole can sometimes be seen through d plate depending on camera angle.

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Standard Magic+Emerald+Zamorak brew+ D plate/chain glitch
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