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PostSubject: ArcheryGuildGuide(WithVideo)(incomplete)   Fri Aug 03, 2012 2:30 am

To start the ranging mini game talk to the Competition judge. You will need to pay him 200gold and he will give you 10 training arrows. Equip the arrows and right click the targets then press fire at the targets. Your score is then divided by ten and that is the amount of tickets you will get(learnedOfTheInternet). When you fired all your 10 arrows speak with the Competition judge to get your tickets. The experience you gain is your total score divided in half. Exclamation Uneed60rangetogo!!

Sorry Mute That Sound I REEEALLLY messed Up With TheNarration So Forget it
And Um Yeah But The Mouse Gestures Should Give U A Idea Of What To Do
Also One Day I Will Make A Narrated Guide So U Can Hear My Voice LOL

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