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 Barrows Brothers !

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PostSubject: Barrows Brothers !   Fri Aug 03, 2012 3:29 am

What you shud have in your inv : You will have to bring alot of prayer pots with you and a spade. ( You can buy a spade from Bob ) What you shud protect when you are fighting them : Dharok prot of melee , Karil prot of range , Verac prot of melee , Torag prot of melee , Guthan prot of melee and Ahrim prot of mage ! jocolor . What you can get from the chest : You can get full Dharoks from it , full Veracs , full Karils , full Ahrims , full Torag , full Guthan and Full Ahrim and some Runes ! ( But not in one round , to get a full gear will take some time ) ! Ahrim are used for Mage and Karils are used for Range and the rest is used for Melee ! How to get there : You will have to press on the ''Minigame Teleports'' on your spellbook then press on Barrows. Hope this helped you !
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Barrows Brothers !
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