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 Farming Guide

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PostSubject: Farming Guide   Fri Aug 03, 2012 6:25 am

Hello and Welcome to my Skilling Guide on : Farming !
First off, you will need Seeds.
Seeds can be bought From Bob at Home. Heres a map to help you find Bob.

- Follow the Red Line to Bob and buy the Seeds you need for you're level.

Bob's shop -

Here Are the Required Level's to Plant Herb Seeds :

- Guam : Level 1
- Marrentil : 14
- Tarromin : 19
- Harralander : 26
- Ranarr : 32
- Toadflax : 38
- Irit : 44
- Avantoe : 50
- Kwuarm : 56
- Snapdragon : 62
- Cadantine : 67
- Lantadyme : 73
- Dwarf Weed : 79
- Torstol : 85

To Start Farming, buy the Seeds Suitable for you're Level and Teleport to the
Skilling Area via you're Spellbook.
When you Arrive, follow this line and talk to Martin the Master Gardener.

Here's a map to guide you -

- Follow the Red Line to Teleport to the Farming Area.
- Follow the Yellow Line to Bank.

Once inside the Farming Area, Talk to Fred the Farmer and buy :
- Rake
- Watering Can( 8 )
- Seed Dibber

Use you're Rake on the Tree Patch to unweed it.
When done, Use the Seed you want to Plant on the Patch you just Weeded and
then use you're Watering Can( 8 ) on the Patch to make the Herbs grow.

Once the Herbs hav Grown, click on them to Pick them and to obtain Grimy Herbs.
If you're Herblore Level isnt high enough to Clean the Herbs, you can either :
- Drop the Herbs on the Ground.
- Bank the Herbs at the Catherby Bank.

Here's a Map to Guide you to the Bank -

When you have Achieved 99 Farming, the Farming Skillcape wil lthen Become Avaible to you in the
Skillcape Shop by talking to the Wise Old Man at Home Teleport.

If you see any info missing please let me know and ill edit asap.

Good Luck and I Hope This Helped Smile
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Farming Guide
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