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 Moss Giants Guide

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PostSubject: Moss Giants Guide   Fri Aug 03, 2012 3:26 pm

First off, Teleport to Moss giants by Clicking the Monster Teleport in you're
Spellbook and then by Clicking the Moss Giants Tab.

Moss Giants are Recommended to Train on at Low Level as they Drop Big Bones who can
Level up you're Prayer Quickly.
They can Also Drop Other Small Goods that can Help you Later on.

When you Arrive, you will Find -

- Moss Giant : ( Level 42 )

Drops -

- Big Bones ( 2 )
- Death Runes
- Blood Runes
- Rune Arrows
- Green, Crimson, Blue, Gold Charms
- Uncut Gems
- Rune Thrownaxe
- Water Runes
- Clue Scroll

If you Need to Bank a Full Inventory,
Teleport to Home and Talk to the Banker and Then Teleport Back to Moss Giants.

Map of Home Banker -

Good Luck !
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Moss Giants Guide
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