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 Guide for Starters - Read this if you're new!

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PostSubject: Guide for Starters - Read this if you're new!   Fri Aug 03, 2012 5:07 pm

Hello, and Welcome to my Guide about the Home Area !
This Guide will Show you all the Locations in the Home Area and all the NPC's and their Actions.

First off, you Have the Make-Over Mage who can be Found Directly when you use the Home Teleport.
Clicking on the Make-Over Mage will Open up a Page Where you can Customize your Character's Looks -

Now That you Look Sexy, you can Walk South-West and Find -
- Banker
- Gate of War
- Monk
- Ancient Gate

First off, the Banker -

The Banker is used to Store you're Items in you're Bank ( You can also you Bank Booth's ).
Once you talk to the Banker, this Window will Pop up -

- When in you're Bank, you can Click the Note and Item Buttons
to Withdraw you're Items as " Note " or as a Plain " Item ".
- The Bag with the Green Arrow Allows you to Bank youère Whole Inventory when Clicking on it.

Moving on to the Monk.
The Monk is an NPC that allows you to Learn Ancient Curse Prayers.
To Learn These Ancient Curse Prayers, you need to Bring the Monk a List of Items.
Here is the List -

- To Obtain 25m Coins, you can Skill or Kill Monsters and get Good Drops. ( See other Money-Making Guides )
- To Obtain 100 Noted Dragon Bones, Simply Kill Dragons and Bank the Bones you get until you Have 100.
- To Obtain 100 Noted Torstols Seeds, you can either buy them from Bob for 11k each or you can get them as monster drops.
- To Obtain 10 Noted Runite Ores, You can either Mine them if you Have the Required Mining Level, or you can Thief Them from the General Stall.
- To Obtain a Torag Helmet, you Must Complete the Barrows Minigame. ( Note: This is a Very Rare Reward. )
- To Obtain 5 Pharaohès Sceptres, You must complete the Pyramid Plunder Minigame. ( Note: The Higher youère Thieving Level, the Greater Chance to Find a Sceptre ).

Now for The Gate of War -

The Gate of War is used for Dungeoneering.
When Teleported to this Area, You can Slay Monsters that are There and Earn Dungeoneering Points and buy Items Found in the Shops.
You will Also Earn some Dungeoneering EXP.

Now For the Ancient Gate -

To Enter this Gate, you Must be a Donator Member.
Although I am not a Donator Member so I do not Know what is in there. Sorry Razz

Next off ill show you all the Other NPC's

White Dot : Banker
Purple Dot : Guardian Mummy
Blue Dot : Arhein
Black Dot : Portal ( Corporal Beast and Nomad )
Red Dot : Dominion Champ
Orange Dot : Johnny
Green Dot : Weird Old Man
Yellow Dot : Zombies Minigame Entrance
Pink Dot : Wise Old Man
Brown Dot : Apprentice Workman

Guardian Mummy -

The Guardian Mummy Teleports you to the Pyramid Plunder Minigame.
In this Minigame, your objective is to Search all the Gold chests and Urns to Find the Pharaoh's Sceptre.
The Pharaoh's Sceptre Can be used to obtain Ancient Curse Prayers ( Need 5 ).
Or you can sell it at the General Store and get 1.250m Coins.
Note: While in the Pyramid Plunder Minigame, you will also get Scarabs, Sculptures and Seals, These can also be sold at the General Store.

Arhein -

Arhein is used to Prestige.
Once you have Achieved 99 in all Combat Skills ( Attack, Strength, Defence, Range, Prayer, Mage )
Arhein will Allow you to Prestige. Once Prestiged, you can access the Prestige Shop and Trade for some Good Items.

Portal ( Corporal Beast and Nomad ) -

When you Click the Portal you can Either Teleport to :
- Corporal Beast
- Nomad
When Teleporting to the Corporal Beast, you will be teleported to a Dark space-like Area. ( Still under Construction )
When Teleporting to the Nomad, you will require 80 Agility to get Through.

Dominion Champ -

The Dominion Champ is used to Play the Dominion Minigame.
In the Dominion Minigame, you will have to Slay Monsters that get Harder Every Wave.
When you Rack up Alot of Poitns, you can buy Certain Rewards from the Dominion Champ Including :
- Chaotic Weaponry
- Vesta's Longsword
- Chaotic Shields
- Godsword Shards

Johnny -

Johnny Teleports you to The Sea Troll Queen at the Cost of 100k Coins.
( See Guide on how to Solo Sea Troll Queen )

Weird Old Man -

The Weird Old Man is used to Reset you're Barrows Brother Kills if you lost Track of Which Brothers you Killed
Or if one of you're Kills has Bugged and Needs to be Reset.

Zombies Minigame Entrance -

The Zombies Minigame is a Fairly Simple Minigame.
When you click on the Entrance you will be Teleported to a Waiting Room, where you must wait 30 Seconds before Entering.
Note: You cannot enter if there is a Game already in Proccess.
Once Inside, you will have to Kill Monsters to Gain Zombie Points, with These Points you can buy Items from the Ghost Shopkeepers.
Note: UsingProtect from Melee is Highly Recommended.

Wise Old Man -

The Wise Old Man is used to Access the Skillcape Shop.
Once you have Achieved 99 in a skill, The Cape will become Available for you in the Shop.
If you have Not Achieveed 99 in the Skill, the Skillcape will not Appear in the shop.

Apprentice Workman -

The Apprentice Workman is used to Reset Combat Stats.
If you Are a Pure and Accidently Trained a Level too High, ( Example: Defence Level )
You can Reset it Using the Apprentice Workman.

If you Walk to the East, You will Find 3 Portals -

- The West Portal Teleports you to the Heroes Guild Where you Can mine Ores.
- The South Portal Teleports you to The Ice Cave.
- The North Portal Teleports you to the Archery Guild Where you can Earn Archery rewards.

South of the Portals, You will Find Thieving Stalls -

- Crafting Stall -> Requires 1 Thieving Level and Gives Cut / Uncut Gems.
- Food Stall -> Requires 35 Theiving and Gives Food. ( Sea Turtles, Sharks, Manta Ray's, Tuna Potato )
- General Stall -> Requires 50 Thieving and Gives Ores and Bars.
- Magic Stall -> Requires 65 Thieving and Gives Magic Runes.
- Scimitar Stall -> Requires 80 Thieving and Gives Scimitars.
- Money Stall -> Requires 99 Thieving and Gives 25k Coins.

North of The Stalls and Portals, you will Find -

- Wizard
- Scoreboard
- Chest
- Cave Entrance

- The Wizard Teleports you to Different Areas :

- The Scoreboard Tells you Who is the Top Rank in the Server :

- The Chest is Used to Gain you're Reward if you Have Completed the Barrows Minigame and Have not Collected you're Reward yet.

- The Cave Entrance is used to Teleport you to The Chaos Dwogres ( See Chaos Dwogre Guide )

East of these Objects, you will Find Altars.

The Altar on the Left ( White Altar ) is Used to Recharge you're Prayer Points.
Note: You can Also Use you're Bones on the Altar to Gain Additional Prayer EXP.
The Altar on the Right is Used to Swap you're Spellbook to " Ancients Spellbook ".
Next to those Altars, you will Find an " Altar of Guthix ".
The Altar of Guthix is used to Swap you're Spellbook to " Lunar Magics ".

- To the Far North, you will Find all of Project Gold's Shops.
Here you can buy Gear and Weaponry needed to kill Monsters.

- You Will Also find a Ringmaster.
To buy Items from the Ringmaster, you will need Loyalty Points.
Contact Mod Gold or Mod Shadow for more Information about This.

West of All this, you Will find 2 Things :

- A Furnace
- A Portal

- You can Use the Furnace to Smelt Ores into Bars, Tough i Reccomend Teleporting to the Skilling Area to do This.

- The Portal is used to Teleport to the Old Home Area :

When you Teleport to the Home Area, if you Walk to the Far South,
You will Find the Slayer Master :

- Vannaka
- Chaeldar
- Kuradel
- Turael

These Slayer Masters will assign you Slayer tasks.
Slayer Tasks Allow you to Kill Monsters in Order to Gain Slayer EXP.
When you Kill a Monster part of you're Slayer Task, you will Gain Slayer Points Whcih can be Used to trade for Items such as :

Now you Know the Ropes Around the Home Area !
Hope this Guide helped, and Please Let me Know of any Missing Information. Cool
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PostSubject: Re: Guide for Starters - Read this if you're new!   Fri Aug 03, 2012 6:14 pm


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Guide for Starters - Read this if you're new!
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