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 Thieving Guide

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PostSubject: Thieving Guide   Fri Aug 03, 2012 7:58 pm

Thieving is a Great way to make money for Newcomers.
Its Quick and can earn you some Millions in a Few Minutes.

There are two Places where you can find Thieving Stalls :

The First Location is in the Home Area.
You can get there by Using the home Teleport in you're spellbook Tab.
Then Follow the Red Line to get to the Stalls.

The Second Location is Located in the Old Home Area.
This Area can be Found by Following the White Line and by Clicking on the Portal.

This Area is more Reccomended Because it is Next to the General Store,
Therefore you can Easily Sell what you have Thieved.

Requirements for Stalls :

- Crafting Stall : 1 Thieving
- Food Stall : 35 Thieving
- General Stall : 50 Thieving
- Magic Stall : 65 Thieving
- Scimitar Stall : 80 Thieving
- Money Stall : 99 Thieving

What They Give :

- Crafting Stall : Cut and Uncut Gems ( Sapphire - Onyx ) Note: Does not Give Uncut Onyx.
- Food Stall : Food ( Shark, Sea Turtle, Manta Ray, Tuna Potato
- General Stall : Ores and Bars ( Mithril - Rune )
- Magic Stall : Magic Runes ( All Runes )
- Scimitar Stall : Scimitars ( Bronze - Dragon )
- Money Stall : 25K Coins

It is Recommended to Thief From the Crafting Stalls or From Money Stalls if you are
Thieving for Money, as these are the Quickest Stalls to Gain Coins.
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Thieving Guide
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