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 Summoning Guide

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PostSubject: Summoning Guide   Fri Aug 03, 2012 10:18 pm

Summoning is a Simple Skill, but can Cost Alot of Money
Due to the Price of Shards.

Follow The White Line to go to the Shops :
- Pikkupstix ( Low Level Summoning )
- Mistag ( Higher Level )

Pikkupstix Shop :

Mistag Shop :

Each Ingredient has its own Required Level to be used and
Each has its own Number of Shards that are Required to make the Summoning Pouch.

Here are Charts that will Tell you :

- Level Required
- Number of Shards Required
- Ingredient Required
- Charms Required

Once you have the Level Required, Shards, Pouch, Charm, and the Ingredient,
Use the Ingredient on the Pouch and it will create a Summon Pouch.

You can then Right Click on the Pouch and Click the " Summon " Option to Summon you're Familiar.
Familiars will Aid you in Battle whenever you Attack a Monster.
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Summoning Guide
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