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 Dungeoneering Guide

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PostSubject: Dungeoneering Guide   Sat Aug 04, 2012 5:04 am

Welcome to my Dungeoneering Guide.
First off, Teleport to the Home Area and walk a bit South until you reach the Gate of War.
Click on the Gate of War to teleport to the Dungeoneering area.
Heres a Map to Help guide you -

Once inside, you will be teleported into an area with monsters, and 2 shops.
One shop consists of weaponry and shields, while the other consists of armour.

Here are the Shops :
Weapon Shop -

Armour Shop -

Each Armour and Weaponry of its type Requires a Certain amount of
Dungeoneering points to purchase.
Required points ( Per Piece )

Bathus - 50 points
Marmaros - 100
Kratonite - 200
Fractite - 300
Zephyrium - 450
Argonite - 600
Katagon - 800
Gorgonite - 1250
Promethium - 4000
Primal - 5000

Tips and Tricks :

Killing Frost Dragons is Recommended as they drop Frost Dragon bones
which can be buried at the altar for ~22k Prayer EXP per bone.
Frost Dragons also give ~6 points per kill and give a decent amount of Dungeoneering EXP.

Every Time an NPC is that Area is killed by you, you will gain Dungeoneering EXP depending on
Which Monster was Killed.

Good Luck on 99 Dungeoneering !
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Dungeoneering Guide
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