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 How to Solo King Black Dragon.

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PostSubject: How to Solo King Black Dragon.   Sun Aug 05, 2012 2:46 am

Welcome to my Guide on how to solo the King Black Dragon !
First off, teleport to the Home Area and walk to the Banker.

Here are the items you should Bring :

Note: Bring Low risk gear incase of pkers, D-hide is especially
Recommended as it is cheap and has good mage defence bonus.

Teleport to the King Black Dragon by clicking on the " Boss Teleport " on you're spellbook
and then by clicking the King Black Dragon Tab.

Once there, you will be teleported to Level 41 Wilderness.

Once that is done, Walk to the Far East Until you find a Ladder with
Two Lesser Demons, when you find that ladder, click on it to climb down.
Note: If you want to go back outside the wilderness, click the lever behind you and then climb up the ladder.

Once inside, get you're melee Protect on and walk straight North to face the
King Black Dragon.

If you use Protect from Melee, he will use Magic Attacks,
If you use Protect from Magic, he will use Melee Attacks.

Drops :

- Dragon Bones
- Black Dragon Leather
- Green, Gold, Crimson, Blue Charms
- Death Runes
- Bloods Runes
- Rune Arrows
- Rune Armour
- Rune Weapons
- Dragon Fire Shield
- Ancient Armour
- Ancient Weapons

Good Luck on Killing the King Black Dragon !
And i hope this Guide has Helped you !
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How to Solo King Black Dragon.
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