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 Warriors Guild Guide

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PostSubject: Warriors Guild Guide   Sun Aug 05, 2012 3:17 am

Welcome to my Guide for the Warriors Guild Minigame !
First off, click on the " Minigame Teleport " in you're Spellbook and then click on the
Warriors Guild Tab.
In This Minigame, you can Earn Different types of Defenders. ( Not Dragon Defender )

Once you are in, There will be a room with an NPC named " Zenesha ".
Heres a Map to help Guide you :

Once inside, buy any Suit of Armor from Zenesha ( No Kiteshield )
Once you have any Suit of Armor, Use it on the the Magical Animator -

Once you have done that, a Animated Armour will appear.
Kill it and you will Get :
- The Suit of Armor you used.
- Warrior Tokens ( Depending on the Armor you Used )

Once you have about 150-200 Tokens, its Time to go to the Cyclops.
Follow the Green Arrow to get to the Cyclops.
Follow the Blue Arrow to go to the Bank.

Once you climb up the ladder to the cyclops,
Open the door and kill the Cyclops.
Note: Cyclops will always drop a Defender that is One higher than
The one you are wielding or have in you're inventory.
Example : If you have an Iron Defender, Cyclops will drop Steel Defenders.
If you have a Rune Defender, Cyclops will Drop Rune Defenders.
Also note that these are RARE Drops and are not 100%.

Every ~5mins you Spend in the room with Cyclops,
20 Warrior Tokens will be taken away from you're inventory.
Once you have no more Tokens, you will be Teleported outside the room.
Note: You cannot Enter the Room Without any Warrior Tokens.

Good Luck on Those Defenders ! Wink
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Warriors Guild Guide
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