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 Official Money Making Guide

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PostSubject: Official Money Making Guide   Sun Aug 05, 2012 3:41 am

Welcome and here are a Few Tips and Tricks on how to make some Cash !
I will give you some Basic Tricks that are quick and easy
And also some Tricks that are more Complex, longer and harder.

So, to Start off, the most common skill known as Thieving is a Great way to make money when
you are just starting and getting to know the ropes.
See Thieving Guide here -

Another way of Making Money is the Pyramid Plunder Minigame.
Note : I Strongly Recommend to only start doing this minigame at 91 Thieving so you have a greater chance of Gaining a Pharaoh's Sceptre.
Once you get a Pharaoh's Sceptre, you can sell it to the General Store for 1.250m Coins.

Crafting is also a Good Money Maker.
To start Crafting, buy a Chisel from Bob and Steal from the Gem Stall Until you get Uncut Sapphires.
After you start Leveling up, start to cut Emeralds, Rubies, Diamonds and Dragonstones.
When you get alot of Amulets, sell them to the General Store for Quick Cash.

Slayer can come in handy Also, because most monsters give good drops
Which can be sold to the general store for easy Coins.
Once you are 85 Slayer, you an kill Abyssal Demons and get Abyssal Whips which can be sold to players.

Fighting Minigames such as Pest Control, Soul wars and Barbarian Assault can
Also get you some easy coins and easy Training if you put some time into it.
See Barbarian Assault Guide :

Duel Arena Staking can be good money depending on how much u stake.
Note : This is also a great way to get Poor if you are unlucky as i dont suggest this to be done very often.

The Archery Guild is also an easy method as it gives good rewards and tickets can be earned fast.
Rewards from the Archery Guild can be sold to other players for a decent
Share of Coins.
See Archery Guild Guide :

Dungeoneering can be good money making if you sell the armors and also gives good
Training EXP, Although this Requires you to be High Level as the monsters can be hard to kill.
See Dungeoneering Guide :

Now we get into the Harder Methods, such as the Jad Minigame.
Fire Cape can be sold to players for a good price.
Keep in mind that you need to be a High Level to attempt this Minigame, even though its 100% Safe.
See Jad Minigame Guide :

Killing Bosses and getting drops can earn you a Few billions if you are lucky.
This mostly depends on how lucky you are as these drops are Very Rare and are not 100%
See Sea Troll queen Guide :
See King Black Dragon Guide :

Chaos Dwogres can be good money making as they give small items that can be sold for small Coins
in the General Store and they can also drop a Handcannon, along with its Ammo.
See Chaos Dwogre Guide :

Pking in the wilderness can be a good money maker if the other player has a high risk but can also make you lose a lot if you die with high risk.
Being Skulled also plays a major role in this as you keep you're 3 best items if you dont have a skull.

Merchanting is one of the easiest but longest money makers.
Merching takes great patience, all you basically have to do is buy things for cheap and re'sell them for higher.
Make sure you are always under pricing you're offers to an extent where you can still make profit off of the item.

There are many more ways of Earning Money, if you have any Suggestions on other ways to make more money,
Please leave a comment and state them so they can be Added !
Lets keep this Guide Rolling for the Newcomers ! Wink
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Official Money Making Guide
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