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 Woodcutting Guide

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PostSubject: Woodcutting Guide   Sun Aug 05, 2012 9:48 pm

Welcome to the Woodcutting Guide !
To start off, you will need an Axe ( Hatchet ).
Axes can be bougth from Bob's Skilling Shop in the Home Area.
Note: I Recommend buying the Iron Axe if you are Level 1 Woodcutting and
The Rune Axe to save you the trip of returning and buying it later.

Once you have you're Axe, Teleprot to the Skilling Area via the you're Spellbook.
Follow the Red Line to an NPC named Ed Wood.

Talk to him and you will be Teleported to Camelot to start Woodcutting.
Once there, Start by cutting Normal Trees and then work you're way up.

Level Requirements :

Rune Axe : 40
Normal Tree : 1
Oak Tree : 15
Willow Tree : 30
Maple Tree : 45
Yew Tree : 60
Magic Tree : 75

If you walk to the North, you will Find a Bank where you can Bank you're Logs.

Yellow : Normal Tree
Pink : Oak Tree
Orange : Willow Tree
White : Maple Tree
Red : Yew Tree

Note : If you walk South of the teleport spot, right below the Flax area,
There are a few Yews you can Chop There.

With the Logs you cut, you can either :
- Train Firemaking
- Train Fletching
- Sell them to other Players.

Good Luck on 99 Woodcutting !
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Woodcutting Guide
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