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 Ways to Enjoy Project Gold without leaving !

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PostSubject: Ways to Enjoy Project Gold without leaving !   Mon Aug 06, 2012 6:25 pm

Welcome to my Guide on how to Enjoy Project Gold to its full Extent,
To have the most Enjoyable Time !

First off, you can start by Training on small Monsters.
There are Loads to choose from !

There is also a Wide Selection of Bosses you can Kill.
Each with its own Unique Rare Drop that can be Worth A lot !

For those of the Non - Combat type, Enjoy Skilling in Project Gold.
All Skills Available to all Players and all Skills working 100% !

Earn 99 in all Stats and Become the #1 Player of Project Gold,
Or Simply Collect all Items and Rares and become the Richest Player !

Buy Items and Show - off you're Sexy outfit to you're Friends
Or wear it around Project Gold and show it off to the Community !

Check out our Awesome Forums and Post some Topics in the appropriate section,
Whether its a Guide to Help Players or a Suggestion to improve the Server,
Or if its an Achievement, All will be Appreciated !
New to Project Gold? Introduce yourself in the Introductions Section and meet other players and make new friends !
Join the Forum Now :

Lots of Fun Minigames to Enjoy,
Get you're Friends to come or go solo and own all the Minigame Rewards !

Type up ::Funpk to Teleport to the Safe Wilderness where you dont lose any Items !
Funpk with you're Friends for fun to see who's stronger,
Or challenge someone to the Real Wilderness and try and Kill you're opponent with the risk to lose you're Items.
But also to Gain more Items !

Join now and Start you're Adventure on Project Gold !
How to Start Playing :
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PostSubject: Re: Ways to Enjoy Project Gold without leaving !   Thu Aug 09, 2012 1:12 am

great, I like it (Y)
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Ways to Enjoy Project Gold without leaving !
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